Registration for Bowie Guinness Record has been cancelled.

Since the cancellation of the event, we are giving everyone a deadline for requesting a refund and/or T-Shirt if they wish, by October 18, 2017.  All interested need to submit their request to

We are honoring all T-Shirt request to anyone who wants one and refunds so long as they provide a receipt and/or we can match it with our records.

If anyone wishes to donate the money we have raised for Bowie Guinness World Record, it’s welcome, so long as they know it’s a donation that will be going to the different programs at Bowie High School.

We will also be hosting a tailgate/cookout to honor those who registered and to celebrate Bowie’s 90 years of existance.

We will be making hamburgers for all those who registered and if someone who did not register wishes to have a plate, they can buy it and the money will go towards what we have raised for Bowie High School.

For those who registered, we are asking, if they can, to contribute to the tailgate/cookout by bringing something edible or to drink that day to share with everyone as the money spent on the tailgate/cookout come out of committe members pocket and from money we raised.

T-Shirts are available, cost is $15. Order yours sending the request to